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Symfony Deployment Cheat Sheet

June 10, 2009 by Sid in Blog, Symfony Framework with 0 Comments

symfony-checkSymfony Deployment Cheat Sheet at is a website with a very handy list of things to check for Symfony project in live server.

Go to the website for the details but here’s the summary of the handy list:

  1. Customise the ‘Oops! Page Not Found” page
  2. Customise the “Website Temporarily Unavailable”page
  3. Customise the “Oops! An Error Occurred” page
  4. Customise the “Login Required” page
  5. Customise the “Credentials Required” page
  6. Customise the “This Module is Unavailable” page
  7. Add a favicon
  8. Rename the session cookie
  9. Check the configuration of the production server
  10. Customise the language of your pages
  11. Delete “/backend.php” from your uri
  12. Install a PHP Accelerator
  13. Log errors in the production environment
  14. Customise rsync_exclude.txt
  15. Escape your templates
  16. Protect your forms
  17. Redirect to the unavailable screen during the maintenance operations

Thank you for the list UI Studio (BTW UI Studio, you didn’t do item #7!) and happy deploying y’all :)

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