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Symfony Reloaded (Symfony 2)

February 28, 2010 by Sid in Symfony Framework with 0 Comments

Symfony Framework has a preview release (not stable yet) of Symfony version 2 (Symfony Reloaded).

At a glance, by reading the ‘read and learn‘ section, this new version will be quite different than the previous versions in terms of file and directory structure, components, etc.

Some highlights:

  • Namespace – finally PHP has namespace and Symfony will be one of the first frameworks to support it.
  • Bundles – this is kind of like plugin, but in Symfony 2, most/all the codes are organized in bundles. A bundle consists of PHP, css, javascript, images, etc.
  • View layer will be even more flexible, due to bundles. I’m guessing there’s be no more issue with trying to share codes between ‘apps’ (no more apps in Symfony 2, they are all bundles).
  • More configurable routing.yml – for example you can specify for a routing to return xml, json, and more.

Interesting comparison with other frameworks showing how fast Symfony 2 is, Symfony team claimed it is arguably the fastest!

I look forward to spend sometime to get familiar with this new version.

Happy coding!

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